Saturday, May 30, 2009

Da'kor Lion

I still play around with Da'kor designs every now and again. I wonder how it would have affected the story had they been seven foot tall bulky tribal lion beasts?


  1. Ohhh sounds interessting. :D I like it.
    I loved Inverloch, it'll have been quite different if he'd been like this.

  2. I have to agree, it would have been very different. But this reminds me to give it a re-read. It's been a long time since you finished it.

  3. I only started reading it when you were already posting pages of your final chapter. But I still finished early enough to actually WAIT for the last few pages.

    It was a great comic. I once wanted to re-read it, but you have no links to it on your Phoenix Requiem site and i couldn't remember how Inverloch was spelled so i had to postpone it.

    It would be very useful if you had a link to it.

  4. Inverloch was a great story. I bought some of the Wowio books and paperbacks. I can't wait for the Pheonix Requiem to come out in paperback too.

  5. @stundenta la cluj
    is where you'll find links to Pheonix Requiem, Inverloch, and Dreamless

  6. I think if you had, they would have been like every other Kzin-Chanur-Ronso 7 foot tall lion beasts.

    FWIW I had no problem understanding that the Da'kor could be considered fierce; sometimes the smallest critters are the scrappiest. I just wish at some point in the story there was some image that actually showed them being fiercesome, like an image from history, or even an imaginary exaggerated form, like "this is what mum told me so I'd behave."

    I really enjoyed that story. And Phoenix Requiem is on my RSS feed like a biweekly drug :-) Recommending it every chance I get.

  7. I just finished reading the archive of Inverloch. I wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I enjoyed it.

    I also put it on my wishlist - I think my daughters will love it as well.

  8. I really love your original da'kor design, but this is too awesome.

  9. I just re-read Inverloch today after the longest time... I didn't understand what happened the last three chapters the first time I read it. xD'' I was younger. Now I understand, and I adore it~

    Would've been different if the da'kor were BIG GUYS though. =0 I mean, same story could've been kept, but little things would be different. Yepyep.